November 13, 2015

Clinton’s Week Of Foreign Policy Failure

Clinton’s foreign policy record at the State Department has had a rough week. From Russia and Iran to her fragile human rights record, events this week have shed more light on Clinton’s failed record as Secretary of State.

This week, after Clinton and the Obama Administration made missile defense concessions to Russia in 2009 to dissuade them from doing so, Russia decided to sell Iran an advanced S-300 missile system anyway:

Russia and Iran say they’ve signed a contract for delivery of the S-300 air defense missile. The sale of the S-300 to Iran has been something of a soap opera over the years. After initially pledging to sell the systems to Tehran, Russia reneged on the deal in 2009 following U.S. pressure and a pledge by the Obama administration to relocate a missile defense system from Eastern Europe that had been an irritant to Moscow.

An op-ed from the Human Rights Watch’s executive director exposed Clinton’s and her Foundation’s poor record supporting human rights in repressive countries:

Even though the changes fell short of establishing democratic accountability, real press freedom, or an independent judiciary, it was enough for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to hail Morocco as “model” for the region.

Finally, ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a Clinton-allied think tank and potential Clinton administration farm team, the organization’s staff came out strongly against hosting the Israeli Prime Minister:

A simmering internal disagreement at the Center for American Progress over the think tank’s decision to host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week escalated into open dissent and infighting during an intense but civil all-staff meeting on Friday, according to two people with direct knowledge of the exchange.