August 21, 2015

Clinton’s Worst Week In Washington (Again)

For the second week in a row, Clinton has had the “Worst Week in Washington.” Her bad week started with a bad joke about Snapchat and deleting her emails in Iowa last weekend, and continued with a “testypress conference in Las Vegas where she made yet another flippant joke about wiping her server.

To help you relive Clinton’s terrible week, here’s a rundown of the (many) bad headlines:

The Washington Post Headline: “Hillary Clinton’s Worst Week In Washington.”

CNN Headline: “Clinton Jokes About Emails With Snapchat Praise: ‘Those Messages Disappear All By Themselves.’”

NBC News Headline: “305 Clinton Emails Flagged For Further Classification Review.”

The Hill Headline: “Clinton Pulls Plug On Testy Presser Over Server Questions.”

BuzzFeed Headline: “Hillary Clinton On If She Wiped Her Server: ‘Like With A Cloth Or Something?’”

Bloomberg Headline: “Hillary Clinton Aide Palmieri On E-Mail: ‘She Didn’t Really Think It Through.”

Bloomberg Headline: “U.S. Said to Probe How Classified Data Got on Hillary Clinton’s Server.”

Politico Headline: “Judge Says Hillary Clinton’s Private Emails Violated Policy.”

Reuters Headline: “Exclusive: Dozens Of Clinton Emails Were Classified From The Start, U.S. Rules Suggest.”

Reuters Headline: “Why The Email Imbroglio Isn’t Just Politics.”

The Associated Press Headline: “Clinton Facing Fresh Worries In Congress Over Emails.”

Factcheck.Org Headline: “Clinton’s Email Brag.”

The Washington Post Headline:” “Post Op-Ed Writers Hit Clinton From The Left And Right.”

Politico Headline: “Poll: Majority Think Clinton Knowingly Lied About Emails.”

Real Clear Politics Headline: “Seven Reasons Hillary’s Email Problems Won’t Go Away.”