April 29, 2016

Clinton/Sanders Melodrama Further Alienating Crucial Independents

The Huffington Post published a sharply critical message to Secretary Clinton and the “Clinton-controlled Democratic Party” that they risk losing the independent vote in the general election because of Clinton’s deep unpopularity among those voters. Citing a statistic that independent voters make up 40 percent of the vote and that 60 percent of that group “think Hillary Clinton is unpleasant.”

In the DNC’s fairy-tale gumdrop land, independents can be ignored and disenfranchised throughout the primary season, but then they will magically flock to the Presumed Democratic Nominee in November. It must be nice to live in a universe where the moon is made of cheese.

Clinton has a hard enough time with just keeping the blindly faithful Democratic herd in line.

The truth is that Sanders has carved out a significant chunk of Hillary’s lockstep Democratic base for himself, while Clinton has made little or no headway among independents.

And instead of attempting to win over these voters, Clinton has stonewalled Sanders supporters. Clinton risks further alienating a group that already mistrusts her, and her supporters condescending remarks to the press aren’t helping:

Another ally bluntly said it will not be possible for Clinton to compromise with Sanders on some policy demands.

“We can’t do it,” the ally said. “But there’s going to be a place for him to weigh in on the campaign and at the convention and he should have the satisfaction that he raised some issues that have been a part of the conversation.”

Sanders allies are frustrated with what they see as recalcitrance by Clinton to offer more.

While Sanders and Clinton play out this melodrama in full public view, Clinton’s team only further alienates the voters she desperately needs in the general election.