September 15, 2016

CNN: The Clinton Drag Has Senate Democrats In A “Panic”

Hillary Clinton’s terrible September has Democrats in panic mode. In a report last night, CNN’s Manu Raju highlighted that Clinton’s faltering performance in key battleground states has had a deleterious drag on Senate candidates like Ted Strickland and Patrick Murphy.

Chuck Schumer was practically printing out Majority Leader business cards a few months ago. Now Clinton’s poor performance has left Democrats’ “confidence… shaken”:

“Senate Democrats began the 2016 election cycle with a head of steam, hoping that a favorable map and a bitter GOP presidential primary would translate to a new majority in November. Less than two months until Election Day, Democratic confidence has been shaken, as Hillary Clinton suddenly finds herself trailing Donald Trump in some swing states and a fresh batch of polls show GOP incumbents in the lead.”

The signs of the Clinton Drag are easy to spot. One sure sign is that even her strongest supporters, like Assistant Majority Leader Dick Durbin, won’t say Clinton will help Democrats on Election Day:

“Asked if Clinton would have coattails to help Democratic candidates, Durbin said: ‘It still remains to be seen what impact Hillary Clinton is going to have on downballot races.'”

Clinton’s historically high unfavorable numbers threaten to capsize Senate Democrats’ ambitions. Her poor performance is helping to ensure that even if she wins, it will be a lonely victory.