December 7, 2015

Colorado Democrat Dodges Question On Single Payer Healthcare

It’s become a habit of Colorado Democrat Morgan Carroll to avoid sharing her views on issues. Today is no different. Earlier this afternoon, an America Rising tracker approached Carroll, who is running for Colorado’s 6th Congressional seat, and asked if she supports the single payer healthcare initiative that will be on Colorado’s ballot next year. Per usual, Carroll dodged the question.

TRACKER: “Senator Carroll, do you support the single payer healthcare initiative on next year’s ballot?” CARROLL: [Silence]

The ballot measure in question would replace the ObamaCare healthcare exchange with a “Colorado-based single-payer healthcare plan.” Carroll was previously supportive of a single-payer healthcare system. In 2009, she gave an impassioned speech at the National Single Payer Day of Action where she called for a single payer system because the private market “hasn’t worked, it isn’t working, and it’s never going to work.”

CARROLL:”If we have anti-trust, as you guys know, for the anti-trust laws, the deal withanti-competitive behavior even according to the US Department of Justice, in somany areas of for-profit healthcare that concentration has triggered alarminglevels of concern that we have major anti-trust problems going on in our healthcare industry. And it’s why the hands-off, trust the for-profit corporationsto control and fix our healthcare- it hasn’t worked, it isn’t working, and it’s never going to work.”

Carroll knows her liberal views are liabilities going into next year’s election. While she may try to hide behind her silence, eventually voters will demand to know where she stands.