September 24, 2013

Concern Grows Over The Implementation Of … Erin Bilbray’s Stand On The Issues

Ralston Reports revealed Erin Bilbray’s (D-NV) continued hiding on the issues. Bilbray’s campaign website contained a secret page describing her vague and waffling stands on several issues. However, the page was quickly taken down once it was discovered and publicly reported.

On the now-closed issues page, Bilbray appeared to ask herself where she stood on certain issues related to guns, and laid out an unclear stand on ObamaCare.

First up, does she or doesn’t she? Not even her webmaster knows for sure. Congressional candidate Erin Bilbray has a website but not much to it, at least at first glance. But dig deeper, and I did, and I found this gem: Bilbray’s pledge to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. I guess we don’t have that up there. But there’s a question in parentheses. It’s a query from her webmaster, maybe, “Add assault weapons” question mark. Bilbray’s spokesperson – we still can’t get the real deal – said she opposes an assault weapons ban but we don’t know why. So this mysteriously vanishing issue page was taken down shortly after I reported finding it. It also has quite the waffling on ObamaCare. Bilbray says it has some good things, naming all the popular provisions, but she’s concerned about implementation. Uh huh. Her folks promise she’s going to come on to talk about issues in October. But we’ve gone from September, to late September, to early October, to late October. All I can say is, I am greatly concerned about the implementation of this schedule.