February 24, 2016

Confirmed: Ohio Voters Do Not Like Hillary Clinton

Today, Quinnipiac released a new poll that showed Secretary Clinton with a net negative favorability rating among Ohio voters. While 37 percent said they had a favorable view of Clinton, a whopping 57 percent said they viewed Clinton unfavorably. That’s a net negative impression of 20 percentage points. (It’s not hard to imagine why…)

In October 2015, 38 percent of voters said they viewed Clinton favorably, while 56 percent viewed her unfavorable (-18 percentage points overall), showing Clinton’s image is trending slightly more negative over time. In that same October poll, voters said 61-33 that they believed Clinton was not honest and trustworthy.

Similarly in August of last year, Quinnipiac conducted an Ohio poll that showed Clinton’s favorability at negative 18 (36-54).

Any candidate hoping to win in November will likely need to win Ohio, and given the sustained negative impression of Clinton in the Buckeye State, that could prove difficult for Team Clinton.