January 8, 2016

Cortez Masto Bombs In Rare Public Appearance

Nevadans attending or watching Wednesday night’s Democratic dinner in Las Vegas were likely surprised to find out that they have a Democrat running for U.S. Senate named Catherine Cortez Masto. That’s because Cortez Masto, the handpicked candidate of retiring Sen. Harry Reid, has pursued the unique campaign strategy of not campaigning.

Cortez Masto’s brief speech Wednesday evening was her first large-scale public appearance in months, and it provided some valuable insight into her curious absence from the campaign trail – in a word, she bombed. Top Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston gave a brutal assessment:

Then Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto spoke, but she is an A-list candidate with D-List speaking abilities, which further sapped the energy from the room (but the vuvuzelas played on).

Cortez Masto’s last high-profile appearance was an interview with Ralston on his political show in mid-September, which went so badly that she hasn’t done another in-depth interview since:

Cortez Masto is fast joining a group of much-lauded Democratic recruits that are underperforming on the campaign trail. If she continues to flub even the limited campaign appearances she deigns to do, prognosticators may begin wondering if she’s such an “A-list candidate” after all.