January 18, 2016

Cortez Masto Continues Trend Of Dodging The Tough Questions And Failing To Impress

Catherine Cortez Masto’s New Years resolution clearly wasn’t to change her evasive approach to campaigning.

In another noticeably rare interview since Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) anointed her as his successor, Cortez Masto failed to answer the questions and KLAS’ Politics NOW co-hosts Patrick Walker and Steve Seblius noticed. Walker even said she only answered one question “outright.” All the more significant when you know that she was asked seven questions in about four minutes.

Cortez Masto isn’t a stranger to avoiding the tough questions. In her only other extensive interview with Nevada’s own Jon Ralston of Ralston Reports, Cortez Masto dodged endorsing Hillary for President an astounding three times in 30 seconds.

Just over a week ago, Ralston excoriated Cortez Masto for her “D-list speaking abilities” at the Democrats’ Battle Born/Battleground First In The West Primary Caucus Dinner.

Given Cortez Masto is consistently unable to answer basic policy questions and fails to connect with voters in her few campaign appearances, it appears Sen. Reid got it right when he recently said her campaign needs more work.