July 11, 2016

Catherine Cortez Masto Doubles Down On Double Standards

Catherine Cortez Masto is a big fan of double standards. While she doggedly pursues her political opponents, a look at Cortez Masto’s career shows she has no trouble giving her liberal, lying friends a free pass.

Following FBI Director James Comey’s scathing assessment of Hillary Clinton’s “extremely careless” mishandling of classified information, Cortez Masto dismissed questions about Clinton’s fitness for office, telling reporters that Clinton is “more than qualified” to be Commander-in-Chief.

According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, the majority of Americans disagree with her, and believe Clinton should face criminal charges.

It may seem odd that Cortez Masto, who touts her background as Nevada’s Attorney General on the campaign trail, would side with “careless” Clinton over the FBI, but Nevadans who have followed her career won’t be surprised to see her favor a double standard for Democrats.

In 2011, then-Attorney General Cortez Masto was roundly criticized for dropping six felony charges against Nevada Assemblyman Morse Arberry, letting the longtime Democratic legislator off with a minor slap on the wrist after he pocketed $120K in campaign cash. As top Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston wrote in the Las Vegas Sun:

Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto has used her own conversion scheme — transforming six felony charges into a misdemeanor — to penalize another — ex-Assemblyman Morse “Moose” Arberry’s turning $121,000 in campaign funds he never reported into personal cash.

In so doing, Cortez Masto has made Arberry’s attorney, George Kelesis, an early nominee for Lawyer of the Decade, has let the ex-lawmaker off with a wrist massage for his depredations and has sent a message to all elected officials that they need not worry if they decide to commit copycat crimes.

The Arberry plea deal was so blatantly partisan that even fellow Democrats said it was “embarrassing’ – especially coming just two years after Cortez Masto pursued a “partisan witch hunt” against the Republican Lt. Governor:

As one Democrat — yes, Democrat — said of the Arberry deal made for a Democrat by a Democrat: “Horrific. Embarrassing for all of us.”

The perception is even worse for an attorney general who indicted a GOP lieutenant governor (Brian Krolicki) for financial mismanagement but never alleged he enriched himself — as Arberry did — before the case fell apart. Many will argue Cortez Masto was willing to go to the wall for a lesser offense against a Republican while letting an outrageous crime by a Democrat go virtually unpunished. 

While a disciple of Harry Reid acting like a partisan hack is nothing new, Cortez Masto is trying to have it both ways by running on her law enforcement experience while treating anyone with a “D” next to their name as above the law.