April 10, 2017

Cuomo Breaks Promise To Local Business

The Milk Bar has operated at the New York State Fair for 63 years. Sadly, because of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s broken promise, they won’t be operating for a 64th year. Last year Governor Cuomo announced a deal to help the Milk Bar keep their prices low. Unfortunately for State Fair attendees, Cuomo only delivered half of the promised help, causing the Milk Bar to close. To no one’s surprise, Cuomo is being blamed for the closure:

“But only half of the expected subsidy ever came through, and the nonprofit that’s been operating the Milk Bar on the Syracuse fairgrounds for 64 years announced it is pulling out and putting the blame squarely on Cuomo, saying it will only consider returning ‘if Cuomo is no longer governor.’ ‘Our group will lie dormant for the next 24 months to see if there is a change of administration in 2019,’ Gary Raiti, president of New York State Dairy Exhibits Inc., told the group’s members in a recent letter.”

Cuomo’s broken promise has not escaped the attention of residents in Syracuse, with “hundreds” taking to the internet to express their outrage:

“News of a possible shutdown of the Milk Bar prompted hundreds of comments on the website of the fairgrounds’ hometown newspaper, the Syracuse Post-Standard. Some bemoaned the loss of a beloved tradition.”

Cuomo might have already set his sights on the White House in 2020, but stories like the closure of the “beloved” Milk Bar are a reminder that he will be held accountable for letting the people of New York down.