September 13, 2018

Cuomo’s Nightmare Primary Is About To Come To A Close…

Cuomo’s Nightmare Primary Is About To Come To A Close…

This year’s New York Democratic gubernatorial primary has been one that Andrew Cuomo would rather forget. He has been dragged to the left by his primary opponent, Cynthia Nixon, despite polls showing he will likely defeat her this evening. He has moved notably leftward on a handful of policies likely due to Nixon’s presence:

  • He was against a New York City fee on plastic bags, now he all for banning them.
  • He was against marijuana, now he’s ok with legalizing it for recreational use.
  • He was against signing an executive order to restore voting rights to felons on parole, now he wants it.
  • He ignored the NYC Housing Authority Crisis, then he decided to declare a state of emergency.

Cuomo’s #RaceToTheLeft has been well documented in the press:

Buffalo News: “Bitter Cuomo-Nixon Battle Drives Democratic Party Far To The Left”

NYT: “What’s Pulling Cuomo Left? Could It Be ‘The Cynthia Effect’?

The Atlantic: “Is The ‘Cynthia Effect’ Real?”

CNBC: “Cynthia Nixon has little chance of winning, but she put New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the defensive”

The primary challenge has thrown Cuomo off his game as evidenced by his “America was never that great” moment:

Eager for some positive coverage, Governor Cuomo pushed for the opening of the Tappan Zee Bridge ahead of the primary. But, that backfired too:

New York Times: Ahead of the Primary, Cuomo Administration Offered Sweeteners to Get New Bridge Open

New York Post: State reportedly pressured contractors to speed up finish of Mario Cuomo bridge

And now in the final moments of the campaign, the incumbent is hiding from the press:

Cuomo still won’t be able to breath a sigh of relief after the primary, though, as next week his former top aide will face sentencing for corruption charges.