October 31, 2016

Daddy’s Boy: Patrick Murphy Gets Another $1 Million For His Campaign

Privileged Patrick Murphy’s rich father is coming through for his loser son once again. With Murphy’s campaign hemorrhaging support and big-money backers, Murphy had no choice but to loan his campaign $1 million last week.

Yet according to the Tampa Bay Times, instead of having $1 million to give the campaign, Murphy sold stock in his family’s company back to his father:

“‘It was basically a stock sale, of stock I had,’ Murphy explained to reporters during a campaign visit to Tallahassee on Sunday. When asked whether the stock in question was specifically Murphy’s investment in Coastal, Murphy said: ‘Yes.'”

Murphy has already benefited from the millions Thomas Murphy his put into SuperPACs supporting his failing campaign. Now, by selling stock that was given to him by his father, back to his father, Murphy is in effect getting a $1 million loan for his campaign.

Murphy’s privileged upbringing has given him a leg up for his entire life. Murphy knows that even if he has to return illegal campaign contributions, he knows Thomas Murphy will always be there with more cash. Come Election Day though, all of Thomas Murphy’s millions won’t be able to change the fact that Patrick Murphy is a spoiled loser who Florida rejected.