December 8, 2016

Daily Democrat Civil War: House Dems Take Aim At DCCC

The civil war consuming the Democratic Party has taken aim at a new target, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The animus focused at the DCCC is not surprising, after all Nancy Pelosi claimed before the election that Democrats were going to retain the House majority. On Election Day, those projections came up woefully short.

Now in a new Roll Call report, members of Congress have taken to attacking the staff and consultants of the DCCC for the awful job they did in 2016. In on the record quotes, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) blasted them for the “terrible experience” she had with them this past year:

“Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur also once weighed a challenge to Pelosi. This year, she was a Pelosi loyalist, but she, too, said she’s had a ‘terrible experience‘ with the DCCC staff. Whether or not disgruntled members’ grievances about the DCCC are legitimate, their complaints are indicative of a disconnect between parts of the caucus and the committee.”

Overall, the DCCC is being blamed for the disaster of a strategy that tied Republicans to Trump:

“Monday-morning quarterbacking has come down hard on the Democrats’ strategy of tying House Republicans to Trump. The DCCC has argued it was the best strategy for the climate. And yet, pursuing that strategy in districts where Trump was leading, like Iowa’s 1st District, raised eyebrows even before the election.”

According to Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), the DCCC’s staff is nothing but a bunch of ineffective and incompetent bureaucrats:

“As eager as they are to give Luján another chance, members are taking their frustrations out on the committee staff — much more so than in cycles past. ‘We realize that it’s also unfair to blame him for the direction of the DCCC when systematically that staff of the DCCC, starting from the top, and almost all the way through middle-management, has been nothing but bureaucratic and ineffective for many, many years,’ Gallego said last week when answering a question about why he wanted to keep Luján on as DCCC chairman.”

Nancy Pelosi did not escape criticism either. For many, the DCCC was under the control of Pelosi the whole time:

“’We truly believe he never really headed the DCCC,’ Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego said last week. The perception is that Pelosi ran the show, beginning with her appointment of the chairman.”

Far from slowing down, the Democratic civil war consuming the party is only accelerating.