September 8, 2016

In Damage Control Mode From Last Night, Clinton Holds Press Conference

In reaction to her disastrous performance at last night’s “Commander-in-Chief” forum, Hillary Clinton’s team hastily called a press conference this morning in a transparent effort to change the subject. Anyone who tuned in last night would understand why. During her appearance, Clinton spent 30 minutes on the defensive over her email scandal and her awful foreign policy record.

See below for highlights of the coverage from last night:

The Hill: “Hillary Clinton struggled to explain her handling of classified material as secretary of State during tough questioning at a military-focused forum on Wednesday night. Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, was hit with a double whammy of questions about her private email server, first by host Matt Lauer and then by a veteran at the town hall-style event on NBC News.”

Politico: “Hillary Clinton immediately found herself on the defensive on Wednesday night, forced to justify her private email arrangement as Secretary of State and her vote to authorize the war in Iraq to kick off the general election’s first forum featuring both Clinton and Donald Trump.”

New York Times: “Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, parried a series of questions regarding her use of a private email server as secretary of state, saying again that she had erred in doing so but insisting that she had not been careless with classified information.”

Associated Press: “By virtue of a coin flip, Clinton took the stage first and quickly found herself responding at length to questions about her years in government. She reiterated that she had made mistakes in relying on a personal email account and private server as secretary of state and in voting for the 2003 invasion of Iraq as a senator. But she defended her support for U.S. military intervention to help oust a dictator in Libya, despite the chaotic aftermath.”

The Atlantic: “Clinton, on the other hand, offered no vision at all. She was at her best discussing the processes of government. She explained, for instance, that when people leave the military, the Department of Defense often doesn’t transmit their records to the VA.”

Washington Post: “The issue has bedeviled Clinton’s campaign from the start, and one of the questions about it came from a veteran, who noted that if he had handled classified information in a way that was not permitted, he would have been prosecuted and jailed.”

Los Angeles Times: “Pressed during a prime-time town hall about why her email scandal did not disqualify her to be commander in chief, Hillary Clinton pushed back on Wednesday, saying that while she made a mistake in using a private server to conduct government business, her actions did not compromise national security.”

CBS: “Clinton, who took the stage first, faced a barrage of questions about her use of private email—including some from veterans themselves—and seemed irritated by the focus on that and her past actions with regard to the Iraq War and the intervention in Libya.”