July 28, 2016

Dayton: Clinton Voted For Iraq War Because Of 9/11

Hillary Clinton’s vote for the Iraq war has long haunted her with liberals, and there have been a number of different ways she and her supporters have tried to explain it away. Perhaps none though have been as badly crafted as Governor Mark Dayton (D-MN). In 2015, Governor Dayton bizarrely claimed that Clinton voted for the Iraq war because she was a Senator from New York on 9/11:

“I’m gonna go back to y’all a lot of times people say, you know, Iraq War. I was one of twenty-three senators to vote against the Iraq War, and I’m proud of it. She was a United States Senator representing the state of New York and New York City, and we went up there the Friday after 9/11 and saw the devastation in New York City. And she sat there with constituents, hundreds of constituents who lost their spouses, lost their parents, lost family members, you know firemen, fire fighters who went in there and never came back out, police officers, people whose health was doomed. And then she got lied to, we all got lied to, by Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice and all that crowd, so listen just keep that in mind, that was the context in which that vote was taken. And anything and everything else, you know, she is – all I’m gonna say – is from the Democratic wing of Democratic Party, all the way through, all the way through.”

Of course, Dayton made sure people knew he did not make the same vote Clinton did. Governor Dayton’s speech is just another reminder for liberals of one of Clinton’s biggest flaws in their eyes.