September 14, 2016

DC Lobbyist Mark Begich Considering Senate Run

Former Alaska Senator Mark Begich is thinking about running a write-in campaign against Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). Now is Begich back in Alaska, meeting with Alaskans about this? Nope, he’s talking on the phone from Washington, D.C with a reporter.

After all, Begich is now working for the major lobbying firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck in DC. The Democratic bench is so bad, that just like Evan Bayh, Begich is being cast as potential savior for Democrat’s majority hopes. Begich’s attempt to run against Murkowski becomes especially laughable when you consider how full of praise Begich was for Murkowski when he ran in 2014:

At this point Begich’s talk seems more like an increasingly irrelevant DC lobbyist pining for his old job, than a serious effort to take on Senator Murkowski. Yet, if Begich is delusional enough to run a write-in effort, here’s what’s waiting for the former Alaska resident:

  • Begich will still have to answer for being one of the Senate’s least effective members.
  • While Begich has had troubles admitting he voted for Obama, he’ll have to answer for the Obama Administration’s increased regulations of Arctic drilling this year.
  • As a Senator, Begich failed to convince the Obama Administration to open ANWR.
  • Begich voted with Obama 97% of the time as a Senator.
  • Alaskans facing increased premiums because of Obamacare, will still demand an answer for why Begich’s vote helped make Obamacare a reality.
  • During his 2014 race, the Super PAC was funded almost entirely from Washington, D.C.