Dear Cynthia Nixon Campaign – We’re Here To Help

Today, Actress Cynthia Nixon announced her candidacy for governor of New York with pointed attacks on the current Cuomo administration.

America Rising PAC wanted to offer Cynthia Nixon’s campaign some ideas for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s top vulnerabilities in a Democratic primary as her campaign gets off the ground:

Ties to Wall Street:

Public Sector Labor Unions And Progressives Labeled Cuomo “Governor One Percent” And Protested Him During The 2011 Occupy Demonstrations. (Jimmy Vielkind, “The Governor Of Wall Street,” Politico, 10/28/14)

Criticism from the United Federation of Teachers:

On January 8, 2015, The United Federation Of Teachers Criticized Cuomo For Using “The State’s Budget Process To Ram Through Proposals Favored By The Charter School And Privatization Movement.” (Editorial, “Cuomo’s Mistake,” United Federation Of Teachers, 1/8/15)

Continued neglect of New York City’s subway system:

“While Many Politicians Have Contributed To The Decline Of The Subway Over The Years, The Problems Reached A Fever Pitch Under Mr. Cuomo, Who As Governor Appoints The M.T.A. Chairman And Effectively Controls The Authority.” (Brian M. Rosenthal, Emma G. Fitzsimmons, and Michael LaForgia, “How Politics And Bad Decisions Starved New York’s Subways,” The New York Times, 11/18/17)

Weak on campaign finance reform:

The New York Times’ Thomas Kaplan: “New York … Has Some Of The Most Porous Campaign Fundraising Laws In The Nation, And Mr. Cuomo Has Proved A Master At Availing Himself Of Those Openings.” (Thomas Kaplan, “Awash In Campaign Cash, Cuomo Benefited From Big Donors And Loopholes,” The New York Times, 11/4/14)

Ongoing public feud with New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio:

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio “Has Become A Living, Tortured Example Of What Happens To Progressive Politicians Who Dare To Fly Too Close To Cuomo’s Sun. Cuomo Has Worked To Compromise, Overshadow, Or Undercut De Blasio At Every Turn …” (Clio Chang and Alex Shephard, “How Andrew Cuomo Keeps The Left In Check,” The New Republic, 7/17/17)