November 2, 2015

Debate Dodge Gets Personal For Nevada Democrat

Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores simply cannot take responsibility for her own decisions. Flores, one of four Democratic candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional district, is the only person not scheduled to attend a debate held by the Clark County Black Caucus next week. Flores’ absence from the debate is particularly noteworthy given that earlier this summer she called on her opponents to debate “several times.”

Over the weekend, Flores responded to criticism about her decision, making excuses for her absence by saying the debate organizers scheduled the debate without her.

Flores even went so far as to personally call out the Chair of the Clark County Black Caucus, claiming that “no effort” had been made to find a date that worked for everyone.

Williams shot back, asking Flores not to “personally fault me” for her decision not to attend. Williams went on to explain that none of the candidates were asked first about availability, adding that invitations were sent over a month ago.

Flores has yet to explain exactly what important event is preventing her from debating the issues in front of the voters. Given the dire financial situation Flores’ campaign is in, however, it would not be surprising to see her heading to a fundraiser to help prop up her failing candidacy.