September 20, 2016

Deborah Ross: Sanders’ Tarheel Socialist Sympathizer

North Carolina Senate candidate Deborah Ross has proven time and again that she is not in touch with North Carolina voters. From arguing for people’s right to burn the American flag to fighting against the creation of the North Carolina sex offender registry, Ross’ actions show her to be an extreme liberal.

In light of Ross’ history at the North Carolina chapter of the ACLU, you’d think she’d try to mitigate her ties to radical socialists like Bernie Sanders. Yet today Sanders’ new political group Our Revolution announced that they had endorsed her. Ross joins other Democratic candidates like Katie McGinty in having their ties to Sanders become a liability. Still, in light of Sanders’ endorsement of Ross, North Carolina voters deserve to know if Ross stands behind Sanders’ agenda:

  • Will Ross unite with Sanders in calling for higher taxes on the middle class?
  • Does Ross join Sanders in not considering herself a capitalist?
  • Does Ross agree with Sanders’ proposal to increase federal spending by $68 trillion over 10 years.
  • Sanders has called for the abolition of the CIA. In light of recent terrorist attacks, does Ross agree?
  • Sanders voted against the Lone Wolf provision in the Patriot Act. Does Ross concur with that vote after the attacks in Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York?

Sanders’ record could not be more out of touch with North Carolina values. With each passing day, Ross provides more proof that she is too.