August 24, 2016

Deborah Ross’ Tone Deaf Approach To Obamacare

Deborah Ross needs to get outside of her ACLU bubble and actually talk to everyday North Carolinians. Her comments yesterday on Obamacare could not be more out of touch. This summer has seen Obamacare rocked by one disaster after another. Yet instead of recognizing what a failure Obamacare has become, Ross wants to double down on it.

Obamacare worries in North Carolina have become even more acute recently with the announcement that Aetna would be joining UnitedHealth Group in withdrawing from the North Carolina market. So what is Ross’ solution? Well yesterday Ross touted nonprofit co-ops:

“’What we need are more choices for consumers, and those choices can include nonprofit co-ops — in some states they have nonprofit co-ops — I would only look at the ones that work. In some states they haven’t worked as well. ‘And they could include a public option.'”

It would be difficult to construct a more out of touch answer than the one Ross gave. Out of the 23 co-ops that started in 2014 only seven are still in existence. Just this summer, the co-ops in Illinois, Oregon, and Ohio closed down, forcing 92,000 people to find new health insurance. A fourth co-op in Connecticut announced recently that it would close by the end of the year. To make matters worse, the last remaining co-ops plan on boosting premiums by double digits in 2017 too.

The massive, nationwide co-op failures has meant hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost the health insurance they relied on. And that’s the solution Ross wants to force on North Carolinians. Baghdad Bob had a better grasp on the Iraq war than Ross does on how Obamacare is working out for many Americans.