August 18, 2016

Deborah Ross’ Weak & Severely Misguided Record On National Security

North Carolina Senate candidate Deborah Ross’ opponent, Senator Richard Burr, is chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Because of that fact it’s no surprise that Ross has tried during this campaign to establish her national security bonafides. Yet a new report from the Washington Free Beacon will make any attempt to do that futile.

Ross’ tenure as the executive director of ACLU’s North Carolina chapter coincided with the tragic events of 9/11. In the organization’s Winter 2001 newsletter, with 9/11 still fresh on all Americans minds, there was an essay questioning intelligence agencies efforts to keep Americans safe in the aftermath of the attacks.

In this incredibly tone deaf essay the ACLU-NC wrote that the post-9/11 laws would make the intelligence agencies “more dangerous” to Americans:

“’We should never forget the historical abuses that have taken place in the name of national security,’ the newsletter read. ‘The new federal law will unleash the intelligence agencies which are all the more dangerous given the new technological tools at the government’s disposal.’”

Instead of focusing on deadly terrorists, Ross was targeting the Americans whose job it is to keep the country safe. She even had the temerity to say that these efforts were “consistent with the least glorious moments of our history.”

Ross’ essay was no aberration. In an interview with the News and Observer, Ross also targeted the intelligence community:

“Ross categorized legislative proposals to give new tools to the intelligence community as ‘very reactionary and very invasive’ in a separate interview with North Carolina’s News and Observer.”

Ross’ past anti-intelligence community rhetoric is completely at odds with the views now expressed on her campaign’s website. In a move that should surprise no one, Ross now believes the United States should now use “all the tools at our disposal” to keep the country safe.

Yet Ross’ past statements show that these current beliefs are not to be trusted. Ross took the opportunity, right after 9/11, to criticize the measures put in place to keep America safe. Don’t be fooled by Ross’ current campaign spin, Ross’ past dangerous declarations have no place in the United States Senate.