July 29, 2013

Deja Vu: Clintonworld Infighting And Distracted By Weiner

People close to Bill and Hillary Clinton have issued a series of increasingly bizarre leaks in the past 48 hours regarding their reaction Anthony Weiner scandal. The New York Post and ABC report Clinton allies are “livid” at Weiner and his wife, Hillary’s transition chief Huma Abedin, for dragging them down politically. Last night in New York, Weiner shot back, “dissing” the Clintons at a private fundraiser. Meanwhile, last night in D.C. Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines leaked to CNN that he was dining with Abedin at DC restaurant Meiwah and that the Clinton’s offered their full support.

Scandals, infighting…Its only 2013 and this not-yet-campaign is starting to feel like a lot Clinton problems past.