April 13, 2017

Dem Civil War: Kansas Failure Has Grassroots And Establishment At War With Each Other

The Democratic civil war between grassroots activists and the Democratic establishment is reaching new heights after the party’s failure in Kansas-4 special election. The DCCC sat on their hands in that race which infuriated activists according to McClatchy:

“After a longshot Democratic candidate came within seven points of winning a Kansas district that has been Republican for more than 20 years, progressive strategists blamed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for not putting enough money and resources into the race, and national operatives more broadly for too little attention.”

Additionally, one progressive activist called out the DCCC for using a “failed model” approach to helping Democratic candidates:

“’The DCCC will continue its longstanding and failed model of helping only most favored candidates until grassroots disgust makes that stance untenable,’ said Jeff Hauser, a longtime progressive strategist. ‘Taking `chances,’ especially in a cycle which might well prove to be a wave, should be the DCCC’s default approach.’”

Bernie Sanders’ group, Our Revolution, also piled on saying that establishment was guilty of ignoring many Democratic candidates. Establishment Democrats weren’t silent in the face of blame though, saying that too often the grassroots “cries wolf” about election opportunities.

The Democratic civil war is a continuing plague to Democratic Party unity. As Democrats attempt to win another special election next week, it’s clear that they currently lack the unity to make that happen.