2 years ago

As Dem Insiders Urge Sanders To Drop Out, Battle Over Superdelegates Rages On

Democratic insiders are telling Politico that they want Bernie Sanders to drop out. A survey conducted this week by Politico found that Democrat insiders think Sanders should drop out if he loses California on Tuesday:

That’s according to Democratic members of The POLITICO Caucus — a panel of activists, strategists and operatives in 10 key battleground states — nearly 80 percent of whom said that a loss in California, combined with Hillary Clinton’s virtually insurmountable delegate advantage, would represent the end of the road for Sanders.

That runs counter to previous claims by Clinton, her campaign and other Democrats top Democrats like Harry Reid who just last month told Democrats to “lay off” their criticisms of Sanders:

“I think we should just kind of lay off Bernie Sanders a little bit,” Reid told reporters after being asked whether he was concerned about Sanders’s “tenuous loyalty” to the Democratic Party.

This, as the Wisconsin Democratic Party is set to debate rules governing the use of superdelegates – an issue that has become a common complaint among grassroots activists:

There’ll also be debate. Some Sanders supporters, for instance, want the convention to call for the end to superdelegates nationally in 2020 but not 2016.

But Davis said that would improve a system that he calls an affront to democracy. It would also give Sanders’ longshot candidacy a chance of success.

“It’s a corrupt system and it’s being done to ensure that democracy will not be stolen by the people,” Davis said of superdelegates.

The Democrats can’t help but tear each other apart in 2016, a year marked by intraparty fights and disagreements.