July 22, 2016

Dem Platform Awkwardly Burns Clinton’s Private Email Use

The Democratic Party released its final platform today outlining the policies that the party would follow for the 2016 election. Tucked in the document’s many pages is a stinging rebuke of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, pointing out the travesty that Clinton will not face any consequences for her actions:

“Democrats will protect our industry, infrastructure, and government from cyberattacks. We will strengthen our cybersecurity, seek to establish global norms in cyberspace, and impose consequences on those who violate the rules.”

The Democrats’ strong statement that those who “violate the rules” of cyberspace should face consequences is only the latest in a long series of criticisms of Clinton’s private email use.

Earlier this month, FBI Director James Comey excoriated Clinton for her private email use, calling it “extremely careless” and reaffirming that Clinton sent highly classified material on her private server. Comey further called out Clinton’s actions, noting that even if the material was not marked classified, she should have known that it did not belong on her server.

The following week, Comey agreed that Clinton’s email use did not comply with the Federal Records Act then took Clinton to task, contradicting many of Clinton’s claims:


In addition to Comey, the U.S. State Department Inspector General and several media outlets have all agreed that Clinton’s private email server use was not allowed.

The Democratic Party platform’s agreement with the chorus calling for Clinton face consequences shows that although she escaped indictment in the court of justice, she will not escape the court of public opinion.