March 16, 2016

Dem Voters To Clinton Last Night: It’s About Us, It’s About Trust

As Secretary Clinton claws her way to the nomination, it’s becoming clear that Democrats are not happy with Clinton as their nominee. For the voters who said they wanted a candidate who is honest and trustworthy, Clinton lost in spectacular fashion across the board.

Among voters who said “honest” was their top candidate quality:

Florida: Clinton lost by 29 points to Sanders, 35-64

Illinois: Clinton lost by 41 points to Sanders, 29-70

Missouri: Clinton lost by 64 points to Sanders, 18-82

North Carolina: Clinton lost by 45 points to Sanders, 25-70

Ohio: Clinton lost by 45 points to Sanders, 27-72

During her speech last night, Clinton called for a unification of her Party behind her candidacy. With abysmal numbers like these, it appears she has her work cut out for her as she tries to convince voters she is a candidate they can trust.