December 2, 2013

Democrat Grassroots: Where Is Hillary on Iran?

Last week we called out Hillary Clinton for going into hiding on the Obamacare rollout and Iran nuclear deal. We weren’t the only ones who noticed.

Democrat grassroots activists have created a petition on MoveOn.Organd posted a column at the Huffington Post calling on Hillary to come clean regarding her position on the Iran nuclear deal signed by President Obama.

That’s why it’s so important to smoke out Hillary on the Iran nuclear deal. The underlying question is: in which direction does Hillary want to lead America? If she runs for President, to whom will she answer: the majority of Americans who want peace, or her “harder-line supporters” who want more war?

While Hillary has said nothing on the issue of Iran, her allies did try to massage her position offering vague generalities without being quoted in this Politico story. Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith summarized Hillary’s allies position as “on background, platitudes” and Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin described their avoidance of the issue as a “courage deficit

It is not pretty for Hillary when even the activists that she would have to court to win the Democratic nomination think she’s playing it too cute by half on an issue that should be central to her experience as Secretary of State.