July 6, 2017

Democratic Civil War Could Be Coming To Nevada

Harry Reid might have left the Senate, but his days of meddling in Nevada Democratic politics are far from over. Two developments show that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Today, Congresswoman Jacky Rosen (D-NV) made it official that she’s running against Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) next year. Rosen’s announcement was unsurprising given her status as Harry Reid’s handpicked candidate:

“Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen announced today she is officially running for U.S. Senate, culminating weeks of deliberations that — once again — began with a phone call from Nevada’s political godfather Harry Reid.”

Yet given the way 2017 has gone for the Democratic Party, it appears that not even Harry Reid has been able to stop the Democratic civil war from coming from Nevada. That’s because Congresswoman Dina Titus (D-NV) is also seriously considering a run in the Democratic Party. Even worse for Reid and Rosen, she has made her antipathy for Reid, crystal clear:

“Titus said on ‘Nevada Newsmakers’ she will not base her decision on what Reid or Rosen do, setting up the potential for a rugged Titus vs. Rosen Democratic primary. ‘I can’t control what Sen. Reid does nor what Jacky Rosen does nor what Dean Heller does,’ Titus said. ‘I can only control what Dina Titus does. So I will make my decision based on that — not on Sen. Reid preferences, whatever they may be, and for whatever reason they are.'”

Titus has also not been shy in her antipathy for Rosen, dismissively calling her a “nice lady” and someone “new to politics.” If Titus decides to run against Reid’s candidate, this would be the third time she’d find herself running against the former Senate Majority Leader’s chosen candidate. Given that she’s 2-0 in those races, Nevada Democrats could be in for an epic Senate primary.