November 2, 2016

As Democratic Law Firm Gets Drilled With FEC Complaint, Warren Refuses To Return Their Tainted Cash

On Sunday, the Boston Globe broke a major story that showed a Democratic-leaning Boston law firm was engaged in a far reaching straw donor scheme. Many of the most prominent Democratic Senate candidates, as well as Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton, have received tens of thousands in campaign contributions from the firm.

Now the Campaign Legal Center has filed an FEC complaint against the law firm and three of its partners:

“The Campaign Legal Center, a Washington D.C.-based election watchdog organization, filed the complaint against the firm and three of its lawyers with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday, arguing that Thornton Law Firm may have used the attorneys to exceed limits on campaign contributions.”

Since the Globe’s story Democratic politicians have returned over $400,000 in illicit campaign contributions. Yet one notable Democrat who refuses to return the shady cash is Warren:

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has received nearly $130,000 from the firm since 2007, told the Boston Globe she will not return any money unless investigators find the donations were illegal.”

The fact that Warren received the most money out of any individual politician from Thornton law firm only highlights the precarious position her refusal places her in. Every day that Warren continues to hold onto these campaign contributions is another day that her unethical behavior is spotlighted for all of Massachusetts.