November 20, 2015

Democratic Leader Flip-Flops On House Democrats’ Electoral Chances

Democratic Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) recently came out saying he sees a “possible” wave for House Democrats in 2016. Hoyer specifically said:

“I’m not predicting at this point in time we’ll take the 30 seats we need, but I do not believe that is impossible either… I think it would be very possible that we could well do that.”

One of the main points in Hoyer’s argument comes down to his firm belief that the Democrats’ scandal-ridden, nominal presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton, will provide a “major boost at the top of the ticket.” Poll numbers show otherwise.

Hoyer, however, previously said he wouldn’t bet “a whole lot of money” on Democrats winning the majority in 2016… and he isn’t alone in his beliefs. Several other high-ranking Democrats, including the party’s campaign committee chairman, have all but dismissed the possibility of a Democratic House majority in 2017.

Hopefully Hoyer isn’t a gambling man, because he’s all over the place with his bets.