August 1, 2017

Democratic Party Is Shunning Pelosi And Schumer’s “Better Deal” Messaging

Ever since House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer unveiled their new messaging slogan and platform, it’s been widely mocked. One of the Democratic Party’s biggest problems is their lack of a coherent message, and the hope was that Pelosi and Schumer’s new effort might fix that considerable issue.

Unfortunately, after only a few weeks, that Schumer and Pelosi’s plans look to be a massive failure. Politico reported today that both candidates and liberal interest groups are rebelling against using the “A Better Deal” messaging:

“But not every incumbent wants to be associated with the party’s message. And many of the party’s influential constituent groups and moneyed organizations are busy pursuing their own messaging and branding initiatives, and remain in the early stages of their own investigations into what went wrong in November. Some — including the Democratic National Committee and individual state party committees — are busy preparing their own, independent lines of messaging.”

Highlighting how divided the Democratic Party is, the Democratic National Committee, is working on its own, separate “rebranding project”:

“Yet the Schumer-driven effort isn’t the last word. The Democratic National Committee has for months been working on its own rebranding project. Led by new Chairman Tom Perez, the DNC has brought both public and private sector voices into a wide-ranging discussion about Democratic identity, while a handful of state party leaders — left out of the congressional conversation — are plowing ahead with their own unrelated efforts to define a new agenda.”

While Congressional leaders go one way and the DNC goes another, Senator Bernie Sanders’ group Our Revolution is planning on going a third, more extreme direction, pushing liberal fantasies like single payer:

“The group spawned from Sanders’ presidential campaign, Our Revolution, continues to pressure lawmakers to sign onto eight progressive bills — from a single-payer health care measure to automatic voter registration legislation. And many Sanders’ supporters remain deeply suspicious of anything produced by party leadership.”

All these developments add up to a party embroiled in more chaos and confusion than before this new messaging was announced. Schumer and Pelosi thought they were fixing one of the Democratic Party’s biggest problems, but they ended up making it much worse.