June 1, 2017

Democratic Party Still Stuck On Clinton And Biden

In 2017, the mantra of the Democratic Party is that they are moving forward from the wreckage of the 2016 presidential election. Yet a look at the headlines about the Democratic Party in the last 24 hours must be awfully confusing then. The rudderless Democratic Party is still trying to find a path back to relevance, yet all they can talk about are yesterday’s leaders:

NBC: Is New PAC Joe Biden’s Last Act in Politics or First Step Toward 2020?

CBS: Is Joe Biden running in 2020?

CNN: In election blame game, it’s time for Hillary Clinton to take her share

Washington Examiner: Hillary Clinton blames voter suppression for losing a state she didn’t visit once during the election

BuzzFeed: Hillary Clinton Falsely Claims Trump Is Being Followed By Millions Of New Twitter Bots

The fact that Clinton and Biden are still generating buzz is also an indictment of politicians like Elizabeth Warren who have so far tried and failed to fill the gaping leadership vacuum following Clinton’s loss. As long as washed up politicians are still viewed as the standard bearers of the Democratic Party, any attempt to move forward will be about as fresh as a days’ old Twitter joke.