March 8, 2016

Democratic Senators VS. Clinton On Auto Bailout Attack

Hillary Clinton’s national lead “continues to slip,”  and in her desperation she has increased her cynical and misleading attacks that have been taken to task by independent fact checkers. In the run-up to the Michigan primary that has included putting out ads attacking Sanders for supposedly voting against the auto bailout.

Now though Democratic senators, including those who have even endorsed Clinton, are refuting Clinton’s claim:

“In interviews with International Business Times, two former Democratic senators took issue with the notion promoted by the former secretary of state that their vote to block Wall Street bailout money somehow put them at odds with the auto industry. Another Democratic senator’s office told IBT that the vote was about reining in the financial industry — not about opposing help for autoworkers.”

Former Senator Evan Bayh, who voted the same as Sanders, went so far as to say that it would be “very unlikely” for him to have ever voted on anything considered anti-auto:

“A similar sentiment was expressed by Indiana’s former Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh — who also voted with Sanders to block the TARP money… ‘My state, Indiana, is a big auto state, and I was always very strongly in favor of helping the auto companies, and I’m glad we did,’ said Bayh, who has endorsed Clinton’s presidential bid. ‘So I would find it to be very unlikely that I cast something that at the time was perceived to be an anti-auto vote.’”

Senator Ron Wyden, another Clinton endorser, also contradicted Clinton’s claim that a vote against TARP was a vote against the auto bailout:

“In response to questions about Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden’s vote against the Wall Street bailout funds, the lawmaker’s staff told IBT that he did not view it as any kind of vote on the auto industry, but instead as a measure to rein in Wall Street. His office pointed to statements Wyden made supporting the standalone auto bailout measure Sanders supported, as well as a statement he released after voting with Sanders in 2009 to block the Wall Street bailout funds.”