March 31, 2016

Democratic Superdelegates Across The Country Ignore The Will Of Their Constituents

As new video surfaces from 2008 of then-Senator Clinton criticizing superdelegates, below is a quick reminder of some of the Clinton-backing Democrats in 2016 who continue to defy the will of their constituents.

By standing by their choices to support Clinton instead of Sanders, whom the majority of Democrat voters in their states preferred at the ballot box, these elected officials are making it clear that they don’t care about the opinions of the people who elected them.

When Senator Al Franken was asked why he’s using his superdelegate vote for Hillary Clinton despite Sanders winning his state by 22%, he said that his judgment was more important than the judgment of Minnesota voters.

Senator Shaheen told reporters that she “will continue to” support Hillary Clinton with her superdelegate vote, even though New Hampshire voted for Bernie Sanders by a margin of 22%.

Senator Michael Bennet “felt the pressure” to support Bernie Sanders after Colorado voted for Sanders, but maintained that he still supports Hillary Clinton.

Also in Colorado, Governor John Hickenlooper put his judgment above the judgment of Colorado voters when he said that he would continue to use his superdelegate vote to support Clinton:

“Sanders won the state’s caucus by almost 20 percent of the vote, but may tie with Clinton when it comes to the state’s delegates, thanks to party officials like Hickenlooper. Still, for his part, the governor says he is not interested in changing his allegiance to reflect the popular vote… ‘The voters elected me to use my judgment to make decisions,’ Hickenlooper told Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner. ‘I can’t imagine changing where I stand.'”