July 25, 2017

Democrats 2017: Leaderless and Messageless

The Democratic Party in 2017 is adrift, with no leader and little in the way of a unified message. Yesterday, Congressional leaders attempted to ameliorate those massive problems by having a bunch of reporters drive out to Virginia for the unveiling of the Democrats’ “A Better Deal” – aka warmed up leftovers from Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign.

The severity of the Democratic Party’s leadership problems is the subject of America Rising PAC’s latest web video. As first previewed in the Daily Caller, America Rising PAC’s video shows that no matter how many events Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer hold, nothing can cover up their weak position:

“One day after the Democratic Party unveiled its “A Better Deal” campaign, a GOP PAC is pointing out the lack of leadership among Democrats. America Rising PAC released a new video Tuesday morning that shows even Democratic senators and congressmen can’t point to a leader of their party or identify their core message.”

Even worse for the Democratic Party, some progressives view yesterday’s event as a “well-earned slap” at moderate Democrats. The Democratic Party is in the midst of a fractious civil war. After watching our new video, it’s crystal clear there’s no savior for the Democratic Party around the corner.