November 27, 2016

Democrats Civil War: Pelosi “Scrambling” As Opposition To Her Leadership Grows

Since announcing her intentions to continue as Democratic House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi has faced an onslaught of criticism from fellow Democrats who desperately want a new face for their party after their massive defeat this past election.

This morning, CNN’s Manu Raju reported that Pelosi is “scrambling” behind the scenes to lock up Democratic support before the leadership election on Wednesday:

On top of that, the new ideological leader of the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders, declined to endorse her for minority leader when pressed this morning:

All of this comes following a critical piece from Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, who said that for Democrats to recover from November’s losses, “Nancy Pelosi And Her Team Should Go.”

Democrats would benefit from some fresh blood to take on Donald Trump, the oldest president ever elected for the first time, and to revive enthusiasm among millennials, who didn’t turn out in the numbers Democrats needed.

Pelosi’s leadership team also misplayed the 2016 election. Its campaign arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, insisted on a strategy of tying each Republican to Trump, even though, as I wrote at the time, evidence showed that this wouldn’t work. Democrats gained a paltry six seats.

But the most compelling reason for them to step aside is generational. All three are technically from the so-called Silent Generation, but they are the vanguard of the baby-boom generation that dominates Congress. Pelosi has been emblematic of that generation’s governing style on both sides: Passionately ideological and unyielding, they presided over cultural warfare and dysfunction.

As this ugly infighting continues, the Democratic Party continues to be ripped apart at the seams and still has not taken steps to resolve its identity crisis that many Americans rejected earlier this month.