September 19, 2016

Democrats Fleeing From Patrick Murphy’s Campaign En Masse

The retreat away from Patrick Murphy is in full effect. Last week, the Miami Herald reported that the DSCC was cutting 70% of their first week’s TV spending for Murphy. Friday the news got even worse.

Politico reported that the DSCC was now going to only spend money on TV ads in the last three weeks of the race. This “ominous” move means that the DSCC has now cut $4 million from their planned spending for Murphy.

The DSCC cuts are a big change from how the committee was talking about Murphy when they endorsed him in 2015. Back then, DSCC Chairman Jon Tester was full of effusive praise, calling Murphy “one of our party’s most promising rising stars.” How things change. Tester’s retrospectively hilarious statement can be forgiven though. He must not have known that Murphy was a serial liar, phony small business owner, and yacht enthusiast.

The DSCC’s ad cuts are not the only bad news Murphy has gotten recently. One of Murphy’s strategies has been to smear false allegations at Senator Marco Rubio on his Zika efforts. Murphy’s false attacks were so egregious that Florida’s Democratic Senator Bill Nelson stood up for Senator Rubio record fighting Zika:

“First, Nelson undercut Democratic attacks earlier this month characterizing Rubio as an impediment to Zika funding. ‘Remember, he voted for the $1.9 billion (Obama initially proposed). He was my co-sponsor,’ Nelson said of Rubio. ‘And he voted for the $1.1 billion (Senate bill) with no (policy) riders.’”

Murphy’s such an embarrassment that his own party won’t even stick by him.