July 15, 2016

Democrats Go “Old School” With Failed Career Politicians


Democrats’ senate candidate recruitment efforts continue to be all over the map and one big mess.

Early picks of tired career politicians who were booted out of office in 2010 – Russ Feingold in Wisconsin and “Retread” Ted Strickland in Ohio – failed to galvanize the base. Feingold had to flip flop on basically every signature issue, and Strickland’s weak fundraising and lackluster campaign have been problems from day one.

DSCC insiders then scrambled to recruit more fresh-faced candidates (who have still spent their career in government) like Patrick Murphy and Katie McGinty, only to have both quickly exposed as lightweights who lied about their credentials. So that didn’t go very well.

Now, Democrats are doubling down on the “old school” strategy, according to The Washington Post:

Former Democratic senator and governor Evan Bayh’s late-in-the-game decision to enter the Indiana Senate race means they’re relying on three political veterans to unseat Republicans in competitive races.

Senate Democrats say there’s no grand strategy to their return to retro; it just so happened their best recruits in these key states have served in office before. But it’s a risky move.

Lobbyist and D.C. resident Evan Bayh promptly became the DSCC’s latest supposed recruiting score to quickly crash and burn. His insanely out-of-touch comments about his residency were derided in multiple media outlets:

Because nothing says hope and change like three failed career politicians who, as the Post points out, have “already served 40 years in Congress” collectively.