July 21, 2017

Democrats’ Papa Johns Like Slogan Can’t Overcome The Nancy Pelosi Factor

Selling a product often comes down to a catchy slogan. Papa Johns has been a successful pizza company for many years, and with the leak of House Democrats’ new slogan, they’ve appeared to take that lesson a little too far. According to reports, Democrats’ new slogan bares an unfortunate similarity to Papa Johns’ longtime slogan:

“He later deleted that tweet and corrected it by noting the full slogan was actually ‘A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages’ … The Democrats’ tagline is eerily similar to that of Papa John’s: ‘Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.'”

Yet as America Rising’s new graphic highlights, the best slogan in the world can’t change the simple fact that Nancy Pelosi is still running the House Democratic Caucus. This year, Pelosi’s toxic political brand has been a major factor in key Democratic losses in House special elections. With key House Democrats voicing concern that Pelosi is too unpopular to take back the House, and polls showing Pelosi’s unpopularity at very high levels, no amount of branding will cover up that fact.