October 10, 2016

Democrats Pull The Plug On Patrick Murphy’s Senate Candidacy

Patrick Murphy always had an uphill climb. After all, few voters want to vote for a serial liar. Yet that climb just got that much harder with the news that Senate Majority PAC was canceling $6 million in planned TV advertising for Murphy. That means that of the $20.8 million the DSCC and Senate Majority PAC was going to spend for Murphy, the groups will only end up spending $4.5 million of it.

According to Politico, Murphy was “counting on” outside groups coming in with big TV ad buys in the race:

“The Murphy campaign was counting on the outside spending to boost the name ID for the first-time statewide candidate. Yet the Washington pullback isn’t a shock. Murphy has been struggling for months.”

Yet the cavalry is never going to show up for Murphy. At least there’s always a job one of his father’s companies to fall back on.