April 5, 2016

Democrats Rage Against The Undemocratic System Of Superdelegates

With the surge of support behind Bernie Sanders and his recent devastating victories in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, and his potential win in Wisconsin, many voters are frustrated with the undemocratic process of superdelegates crowning a nominee regardless of voters’ opinions.

A recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports found that 51% of Democrat voters oppose the superdelegate system, noting the Party’s efforts to protect the anointed Hillary Clinton:

The Democratic National Committee’s decision to use superdelegates, many of whom are current and past elected officials, has come under considerable scrutiny – particularly from supporters of Bernie Sanders – for the appearance that the party is trying to rig the election for establishment candidate Hillary Clinton.

Despite the support Sanders continues to receive from Democrat voters and their opposition to a warped system, superdelegates such as Senator Jeanne Shaheen continue to pledge their votes to Hillary Clinton and are refusing to listen to the voters:

Although Clinton’s superdelegates like Senator Shaheen are adamant in their support for the establishment-chosen candidate, The Wall Street Journal points out that Sanders’ recent victories “have left some other Democrats defending their decision to back Mrs. Clinton at the party’s convention.”

Some of those Democrats feeling the pressure to defend their position are having the fight brought to them, with grassroots activists so desperate to be heard by the Democrat establishment that they are lobbying superdelegates to switch their support to reflect the will of the people:

Simply put, grassroots voters are fed up with this unfair and undemocratic process, and they are rejecting a system that bows to the whims of Washington elites.