May 20, 2016

Democrats Unable To Contain “Intraparty Brawl” Consuming Their Party

In the seemingly never-ending war between Secretary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the last 24 hours provided even more fuel to the raging fire that is consuming the Democratic Party. If this all-consuming intraparty battle has proved one thing, it’s that no one is walking away from it.

In addition to Clinton and Sanders, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has drawn the ire of many Democrats for her obviously pro-Clinton bias; Sen. Elizabeth Warren is being heralded as some sort of (unproven) unifier; and Harry Reid has been “thrust … into the center of an intraparty brawl in his final months in office.”

See below for the headlines Democrats never could have imagined they’d be reading in May 2016:

The Hill: Clinton fury with Sanders grows

CBS News: Was the 2008 Democratic primary battle as bitter as this one?

Wall Street Journal: Reid Caught in Middle as Sanders-Clinton Tension Escalates

The Hill: Democrats expect Warren to play peacemaker once primary ends

Variety: As Hillary vs. Bernie Rivalry Hardens, Hollywood Democrats Voice Concerns Over Divisions

Salon: Forget about unity, Bernie isn’t letting go: Sanders is willing to harm Clinton down the stretch, report says

Washington Post: Liberal pundits blame Debbie Wasserman Schultz, not Bernie Sanders, for Democrats’ division

Here’s a day-by-day reenactment of Democrats’ reactions to this week’s news:

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