May 19, 2016

Democrats Unapologetic On Campaign Cash From Domestic Abuser

Recently, numerous Democrats and Democratic political organizations have come under severe criticism for campaign contributions they received from convicted domestic abuser Ibrahim al-Rashid.

Multiple Democratic candidates were forced to return the campaign cash following intense scrutiny, but two Democratic leadership organizations have been mum or sought to downplay the tainted cash. In 2012, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) received more than $35,000 from al-Rashid while House Majority PAC took $180,000 from him.

When asked about the contributions, the DCCC declined to comment on the record. More audaciously, House Majority PAC was unapologetic for taking money from the al-Rashid, saying the money has already been spent in helping elect Democrats.

The actions of the DCCC and House Majority PAC regarding the dirty money from a convicted domestic abuser are a sad reflection of just how far those organizations will go to line their pockets with campaign cash for Democrats looking to go to Washington.