May 19, 2016

Democrats At War! What Is It Good For?

On Wednesday, America Rising chronicled the growing tensions in the Democratic Party.  Bloomberg described it as “a deepening rift among Democrats with the potential to hobble the party heading into the general election.”

Today, it’s being described by McClatchy as an all-out civil war with Secretary Clinton, party boss Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the DNC on one side and Bernie Sanders and literally millions of rank-and-file Democrats on the other.


The latest scuffle was triggered by a Nevada Democratic convention gone wrong, and the result is a Sanders with a fresh resolve to “harm” Clinton and “wrest the nomination from her.” You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Defiant and determined to transform the Democratic Party, Senator Bernie Sanders is opening a two-month phase of his presidential campaign aimed at inflicting a heavy blow on Hillary Clinton in California and amassing enough leverage to advance his agenda at the convention in July — or even wrest the nomination from her.

Advisers to Mr. Sanders said on Wednesday that he was newly resolved to remain in the race, seeing an aggressive campaign as his only chance to pressure Democrats into making fundamental changes to how presidential primaries and debates are held in the future. They said he also held out hope of capitalizing on any late stumbles by Mrs. Clinton or any damage to her candidacy …

Good God, y’all