December 18, 2015

Dems In Disarray In Competitive Florida House Race

Former candidate Melissa McKinlay went on the attack today against Florida Democrat Randy Perkins, who has already donated $1 million of his own wealth to his campaign. Perkins is runnning for Florida’s 18th Congressional District.

McKinlay dropped out of the race last month after Perkins announced his campaign, saying the cost of the campaign would be too “immense” and calling Perkins a “multimillionaire self-funded candidate.” McKinlay and other Democrats are also upset that Perkins has donated to Republicans. McKinlay charged, “I think the voters will want to know why he thought that was worth spending $100,000″ to elect a Republican governor.

Perkins continues to face two other opponents in the primary, and criticism like this will continue to create headaches for the DCCC and Nancy Pelosi’s preferred candidate.