August 11, 2015

Desperate Democrats In Panic Mode Over New Hampshire Senate Race

National Democrats are officially panicking over the New Hampshire senate race. They’re so worried about taking on Sen. Kelly Ayotte that they’re launching an all-out assault in the middle of August more than a year before the election. Politico reported Monday:

Senate Majority PAC, the pro-Democratic super PAC, is launching its first 2016 advertisement — spending more than $250,000 on New Hampshire airtime over the next two weeks, according to ad-tracking sources.

With no Democratic candidate in the race, it’s likely the spot will directly attack GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

What’s a bigger sign of weakness than dropping a quarter-million dollars in attack ads in the middle of an off-year August? Doing that just weeks after charging that third party spending constitutes “a stunning admission of fear,” as the DSCC did in a June memo:

No matter how much dark money her special interest allies dump into the race, Kelly Ayotte won’t be able to hide the fact she’s turned her back on New Hampshire. Kelly Ayotte is in trouble.

Throwing everything at the wall in the desperate hope that something will stick isn’t generally where a party wants to be 15 months before a must-win election in which they have yet to recruit a candidate. Although it’s hard to blame Democrats for going into panic mode, even a dubious Planned Parenthood-sponsored poll cobbled together for the sole purpose of bolstering Democrats shows Ayotte with a commanding lead:

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte is in a better position for reelection than two of her swing-state Republican colleagues, according to a trio of Democratic polls out today.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund paid for the surveys, which pollster Geoff Garin conducted.

Fifty-eight percent of New Hampshire voters approved of Ayotte’s job performance, and 49 percent said they would definitely or probably vote to reelect her. Thirty-one percent disapproved of her job performance, and 28 indicated they would vote for the Democratic candidate.