November 4, 2015

Despite Millions of Outside Anti-Gun Money, VA Senate Stays with GOP

Despite anti-Second Amendent crusader Michael Bloomberg’s best efforts, Virginians voted to keep the state Senate in the hands of a Republican majority.

Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety had made the Virginia state elections a focus this year by spending over $2 million in contributions to democrat candidates. The failed effort was an attempt by the former NYC mayor and his allies to bring gun control legislation to state houses, as efforts to pass federal gun control legislation have failed. In addition to Bloomberg’s millions, Virginia Governor and top Hillary Clinton surrogate Terry McAuliffe went to the mat for the Democrats’ anti-Second Amendment agenda, only to come up short.

This is the second time Commonwealth voters have decidedly defeated Bloomberg’s money-machine. Virginians have spoken: Liberal out-of-state interest groups, backed by a former mayor with nothing better to do, cannot buy their vote.Loser