November 4, 2016

DISGRACEFUL: Patrick Murphy Refuses To Return FBI Linked Campaign Cash

Patrick Murphy is having a tough final week. He’s been linked to an FBI investigation into a straw donor scheme concerning his 2012 congressional run, and received two separate ethics complaints. These difficult setbacks must have clouded his judgment because, according to the Miami Herald, he’s refusing to return campaign donations connected with the FBI scandal:

“Capitalizing on a controversy affecting Democrat Patrick Murphy’s U.S. Senate campaign less than a week from Election Day, Florida Republican Party leaders want Murphy to return what they call ‘tainted donations’ that a Capitol Hill newspaper reported are the subject of an FBI investigation. But Murphy’s campaign told the Herald/Times on Friday that the Jupiter congressman has no plans to.”

As the Herald points out, Murphy’s refusal seems odd since he returned campaign cash linked to a totally different straw donor scheme just this week:

“Murphy — as recently as this week — has agreed to donate other past contributions associated with controversy, though. For instance, on Monday, Murphy’s campaign said he would donate to the U.S. Treasury nearly $22,000 in contributions Murphy received from a Boston Law firm that was exposed by The Boston Globe over the weekend for allegedly engaging in a different type of donation scheme.”

Murphy has taken leave of his sense. Fortunately for him there’s only four more days of his Senate campaign, and then he can go back to being just another spoiled rich guy.