October 7, 2016

Disgusting: Deborah Ross Pushed For “Lenient Sentence” For “Unsuccessful” Rape

ACLU radical Deborah Ross’ unfathomable thinking about sexual crimes took a perverse and troubling turn today. North Carolina voters are already fully aware that Ross was an avowed opponent of North Carolina creating a sex offender registry. Now, CNN has published new details about an advocacy case Ross took on during the 1990s.

In her position as executive director of ACLU-NC, Ross advocated for a “lenient sentence” for a 13-year-old who sexually assaulted a woman, all while the victim’s small child watched:

“But in the mid-1990s, Ross found herself in a different position, urging the North Carolina courts to impose a lenient sentence on a 13-year-old who sexually assaulted his 23-year-old neighbor — with the victim’s 20-month-old son watching in the same room. The state Supreme Court rejected Ross’ push, sentencing Andre Green to life in prison for what it said was a ‘heinous’ crime.”

Ross championed this monster’s case. In an amicus brief, Ross actually pushed the North Carolina Supreme Court to try the criminal in such a way that he would get out of prison, for sexual assault, in just four years:

“And over the course of four years, Ross made a proactive public and private push to urge the state courts to try Green as a juvenile, something that the state Supreme Court said could have set him free within four years’ time.”

Tellingly, the state Supreme Court disagreed because the criminal Ross was defending committed a crime of a “highly vicious” nature:

“But the court disagreed, upholding his conviction on charges of a first-degree sexual offense, burglary and attempted rape for what it called a ‘highly vicious’ crime. ‘The cruelty of the attack, its predatory nature toward an essential stranger, defendant’s refusal to accept full responsibility, his difficulty controlling his temper, his previous record and his unsupportive family situation all suggest defendant is not particularly suited to the purpose and type of rehabilitation dominant in the juvenile system,’ the court, in a 4-3 ruling, said.”

The details of the crime are truly shocking according to CNN, yet Ross categorized the crime as an unsuccessful rape:

“‘Andre, a borderline retarded child of thirteen with no previous criminal history, broke and entered into the victim’s home and upon being discovered by the female victim, attempted, unsuccessfully, to rape her,’ Ross’ brief said. ‘When confronted by police, Andre confessed the crime.’”

Ross wants North Carolina voters to believe that if she became a Senator she would defend women. Yet as her actual record shows, what she really stands for is light prison sentences for their attackers. Ross’ shameful actions in this case should completely disqualify her as a candidate for high office.